Multi-line drilling machine - perfect for your startup

Drilling on hard and large surfaces can be a hectic job sometimes. Making enough room for everybody to work on a specific object can take hours to get it done. Keeping in mind the force and work that needed to be put in to finish the ending result in a premium and satisfying manner.

This is not the case with the multi-line drilling machine. These powerful tools are specially designed for this sort of working procedure. They are considerably large and pack a punch no matter how large, strong, thick material or an object is placed for further work.

These machines can allow workers to deal with other types of work, pending tasks, etc. because it is a must-have appliance for organizations and firms that are in the lane of cutting and shaping materials.

An overview of multi-line drilling machine

This multi-spindle machine is a screw machine in nature. It is designed and manufactured in such a way that it can cut materials easily into bits and pieces in a simultaneous manner. It can all be done and functioned by the user of tools numbering.

It can not only process one material at a time, but multiple making it a multitasking sort of unit. Drums can be found in this appliance which rotates in a horizontal line. Only a single rotation of that drum is required to complete the operation of many materials that are further carried out for the ending result. The drum works on the division, meaning that the work alongside the drum must be in the same spindle numbers presented in the machine.

When combined, this unit is so effective and efficient in a part of an operation. Thus with every rotation of a drum, the task is completed on time.

Components of multi-line drilling machine

Some of the most valuable and essential components of a multi-line drilling machine are listed below:

Drilling head.


Guiding measurement.




Drilling row.


Air Adjuster.

Precise measurement tape.


Functions of multi-line drilling machine

There are many useful functions of this unit, but the most useful and important ones are as under:

Core drilling

When sand casting occurs, core drilling is used to be precise and accurate about where holes are desired to be put. When the metal solidifies, the casting is removed from the mold surface, leaving the cor disintegrating the specific spots because sometimes holes are almost challenging every time and require a significant amount of power or a heavy drill body.


When the diameter of the existing hole needs to be enlarged or out of order, the tedious operation is the only way to do so. Keep in mind that the accuracy and precise reading may differ in a tedious process and may not be more premium than reaming operation. The dull tool is, by default nature, a single-point cutting tool.


Reaming is an operation that is used to finish the procedure of a drilled hole. By doing reaming, it will clean any dust inside a hole and enhance the surface as smooth as possible by polishing it. It is perfectly round, and the diameter of reaming is also the same from one end to another. It has greater accuracy, and the ending result is premium.

Spot facing

Spot facing is typically used for bolt head seat, washer, or a nut. They operate on the machining flat on a circular surface, providing the whole process. It can also be easily performed on a casting. The counterbore is another term that is a substitute for spot-facing.

Workflow of multi-line drilling machine

These appliances contain only one drilling line that usually completes all the work. Each of the drill lines has the presence of 21 spindles. You can quickly drill 21 holes maximum if only needed. It also contains a valve vital for controlling the direction of the work.

The ideal degree angle is to be said at 45, and it can be set straight at 45 degrees very quickly. It can drill on many objects, typically famous for the hard and solid wood. A bit is strong and straight for precise movement, controlling, and cutting procedures.

A pedal is right beneath the machine, which is placed on the surface. You need to step on it to start the work.

Classification of multi-line drilling machine

There are 3 famous types of multi-line drilling machines, which are briefly explained below:

1. Portable drilling machine

These units are really compact and so much easy to carry around. They are the same size as a traditional old-school drilling machine. It is famously used in workshops and households. Used in drilling for small holes, it can be operated by just using one hand.

2. Sensitive drilling machine

It is simple, light, and looks like a bench-type machine for all the work required on light duty. It includes a friction device with it, which is engaged in giving this unit an incredible infinite speed.

3. Horizontal or vertical drilling machine

These appliances are pretty similar to the sensitive drilling machine. The only significant point of differentiation is that they are powerful, feed the energy, and rotates the drill vertically or horizontally. They are specially designed for heavy-duty work.

Benefits of using a multi-line drilling machine

Some of the essential benefits of using a multi-line drilling machine are listed below:

High speed.

Great output.

Precise and accurate results.

High flexibility.

Easy to cope with.

Low cost.

Reduce maintenance.

Types of wood multi-line drilling machines can process

It can process the following materials:

Solid wood.




Finished wood effect of multi-line drilling machine

The aftermath result when the material or object is successfully got in its final stage after working from this machine is satisfying and premium to see and touch. It has a rapid reading and operating speed. Also, it is precise and accurate in cutting and drilling as well.

No doubt this unit is work efficient with low cost and maintenance.


Now we can see the importance and need of this unit in an industry and how it can be so valuable and practical in so many other ways. It is just a matter of time before people will adapt this machine as much as possible. It can easily be bought, contains less space volume, and gives so much more than that in return.