Automatic spray painting machine production line - make your work productive

Customizing any furniture, whether on a table, bed, wood doors, wood-based panels, kitchen or flooring, it is essential to have some unique paint colour choice on them, and nothing gets it more precise and accurate than these spray painting machines.

They are designed and manufactured in a convenient and easy way for the workers to cope with. They are entirely touch-free and come with the latest and modern technology. These machines will also allow the worker or user to finish non-flat pieces of work to optimum output results.

Above all, they are adaptive with automatic handling and include a drying system mechanism by default. These machines are undoubtedly all in one product regarding painting floor, furniture and stuff.

A brief overview of the automatic spray painting machine production line

It is a must-have piece of technology to be available in the organization and firm. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it is also super important and provides some of the basic and advanced processes of painting that only this machine can do.

This spray painting machine will efficiently minimize the manufacturing rate, increase productivity, increase sales and increase the output results. Many individuals are still in awe of going and working like the old school, but the rapid change in the environment and dependence on machines and technology can turn things around in no time.

This appliance enables the specific solution to customers in the shape of creation, pre-treatment techniques, and rapid process.

Components of automatic spray painting machine production line

Some of the essential features of the automatic spray painting machine production line are discussed below:

Water-based coating.

UV curing varnishes.

Combination of lacquers.


Nano coating.

Corrosion protection.

Adhesive applications.



Functions of automatic spray painting machine production line

There are many functions of this tool, but some of the notable and essential features of this appliance are explained below:

Dust collector

When the product or object is placed on this tool for a process of painting, it first cleans the dust on the thing. By doing this, the paint will be much more vibrant, and the colour will significantly impact the object's surface because of no single layer of dust. It is done by static electricity and friction and then neutralized by the antistatic bar.

Laser scanning

With a portable laser scanning system installed, the accuracy and precision of the paint are excellent. The laser has a more significant impact than an old and traditional roller painter. Laser is thin, precise, faster and does a lot of paint in seconds.

Ventilation system

Several air filters are installed, which help air ventilation work and keep the machine at an almost airless level. The dirty air in this appliance's cabin will be passed through the accordion filter straight out of the device.

Automatic lubrication system 

This system lets and provides a smooth and ever-lasting operation for your painting process. The linear lubricating rails are installed and placed on robot arms. They are adjustable and movable at the same time. They are letting the working with a room to work and for manual override usage.

Workflow of automatic spray painting machine production line

This unit uses the technique of spraying the paint particles or employing compressed gas. It has coating materials such as paint, ink, varnish, and so much more. This is all done when the air is on the surface of the object that is just placed.

There are also spray guns which are involved in the working of the airbrushes. They are undoubtedly about the difference in their sizes and the painting size they throw on the object, but the pattern they produce is usually the same. Airbrushes are workable by the handled and used to brush detailed finishing or ending touches.

There is a third component which is the air gun. The air gun is used explicitly for larger surfaces and objects. The air gun is either used automatically on its own or can be manually operated by the worker.

Classifications of automatic spray painting machine production line

1. Automatic spray

As the name suggests, the unit process gives the final results on its own. No manual overriding is used to provide instructions. The only education required for the automatic procedure to start is just the reminder of the object and the painting procedure.

2. Manual spraying

This one explains pretty much by the name; the manual spraying mechanism needs a worker or a user for basically all of the painting process. From handles, spraying guns, tables and rollers, all of this is controlled by the user itself.

3. Electrostatic

The electrostatic painting was first manufactured and used in the late 1940s. In this electrostatic painting technique, the particles are atomized to be charged electrically so that when repelling with each other and spreading on the object's surface, they can make all exit evenly through the spray nozzle.

Benefits of using automatic spray painting machine production line

Some of the most valuable benefits of an automatic spray painting machine production line are as under:

The quality of the painting is much higher when compared to the traditional way of illustration.

Using an automatic unit will save paint capacity.

Spraying with greater precision.

Process control is smooth.

Increase in flexibility.

Environmental friendly.

Reduce costs.

Increase in sales and profits.

It can solve problems much quicker and inefficient way.

Types of wood that automatic spray painting machine production line can process

It can process:

Simple wood.








Fibre cement.

Finished wood effect of automatic spray painting machine production line

The ending result of this unit is just excellent and easy to watch. The traditional way is undoubtedly in its famous state, but this line of work has the upper hand. It can quickly process the entire object and clean the dust itself. Saving time and cost at the 11th hour.


This unit is essential in many companies and organizations dealing with this nature of work. It can store and proceed in so much faster way and inefficient way. Giving the workers ease to work on other projects and work. The future is near, and there is no doubt that this machine will be at its peak hour soon enough.