Four-side planer saw machine - bring creativity to your work

Four side planer saw machines can easily do the heavy duty in such a short amount of period. It can take rough timber and another related plain due to only four side planers.

This planer is mainly used in North America, the UK, and Australia as it works on trimming, cutting, and shaping different types of wood and metals. This tool is also used for taking ( cutting ) down the length of particular objects.

This gadget can be easily functional in the metalworking and woodworking industry smoothly. Generated enough power by the motor and flat surfaces that precise cutting and accurate measurement can be done in a matter of time.

Overview of Four side planer saw machine.

The four spindles ( planer ) can work simultaneously in a row to feed the working measurement on the machine. The process on objects such as wood or metals is through planning.

Each material is guided by the rollers that work alongside milling spindles.

This frame is responsible for driving the spindles ( planers ) with the help of a motor. In any scenario, the four planer work with each other to boost the machine efficiency and keep the pressure on the object if it is stiff, thick, rough, or stern.

The planer is situated in different areas of a machine, the bottom, right side, left side, and the very top. Covering all four corners ( sides ) to engage and interact better when colliding with the metal or wood.

The workpiece then passes inside the machine via wheels ( rollers ) to proceed in the active phase of cutting and tripping.

Components of four side planer saw machine

The most important parts of this device are:

Flat tooth steel roller.

Imported oil pump.

Press rollers.

Side infeed device.

Active feeding wheel.

Heavy duty gearbox.



Laser for brightness and point view cutting.

Digital display.

Magnetic grid system.

Moveable steel stand.

Functions of four side planer saw machine

The parts of this equipment are as under:

Easy to operate

The digital screen on the control panel is easy to navigate. With this screen, all machine functions and working options can be selected in various time fixes and adjustments. Measurements of materials can also be locked via this site.

Heavy duty

It can take so many heavy loads and still works efficiently and very smoothly. Because of the big motor, the power and four planers ( positioned on all four sides of the machine ) take the load off the device.


A four-sided planer saw machine can trim down the length or shape of many particular objects. This approach comes in handy when final touches or finished product forms need decent finishing touches and finishes.

Powerful and versatile

As it can contain large and heavy wood or metals, clearly anyone can indicate that this machine is powerful. Thanks to the manufacturer that the design and technological solution is there with superior quality to simplify day-to-day work.

The body is rock solid, installed with high-quality components, and very well engineered in an excellent way.

This device can also be used in large-scale carpentries to respond quickly.


This super high-end gadget can hold any material whose diameter is 110 mm to 230 mm. The vertical shaft on this tool strokes at 90 mm, giving a profile of the material and rapid change in less time.

Workflow of four-side planer saw machine.

This planer can even work on that material who are worn out in shape, plain sighted, or rectangular. Easily drilled or cut through at a maximum depth of 10 mm. The spindles on each side of the tool are adjustable in both ways, radially or axially.

In contrast, the rectangular shape objects are perfectly done by the 10 mm spindles as it has three processes in which the whole procedure is done. Surface planning is only for bottom processing, joining is done by side processing, and thickness planing is in the hands of top processing.

The speed of every spindle varies between 9 to 28m per minute. And motor gives enough power to the spindle to ensure maximum precision in cutting and trimming.

To boost the machine's performance and take matters to the super fast procedure, the bed rollers in the bottom part of the machine enhance and cope with the motor to work as a dual-motor gadget.

Classification of four-side planer saw machine.

There are two types of this machine:

1. Linear planning

Linear planning is for when the material needs to have a flat and straight surface. It is more like straightening the covers. In a single go, the material doesn't need to go for a second round of tidying the surface; it is that accurate.

2. Helical planing

Helical planning is for only cutting procedures and cutting down the edges, out-of-shape corners, or cutting in half. This machine works in simultaneous rotation, which increases the accuracy.

Benefits of four-side planer saw machine.

The most talked about benefits of this tool are mentioned below:

Great working width.

Heavy duty.


Precise and accurate in working.

Touch screen control.

Maximum safety for workers.

Well tested.

Adjustable heights for rollers.

Huge spindle cylinder.

All spare parts are imported.

Types of wood that four side planer saw machine can process

This equipment can process the following materials:


Industrialized wood.

Thick wood.



Worn out wood.


Stiff metal.

Finished wood effect of four-side planer saw machine

The ending final form of the material is premium and of high quality. There are no torn edges and dents on either wood or metal surface. This tells how accurately and well disciplined this machine handles the work.

Even if the wood is thick or in large numbers, the ending results would always be the same, premium, and in high contrast of quality.


It is time for the metal and woodworking industries to let this machine work for them because these are such industries where time and production rate matter the most.

This tool can exactly provide this to them. It is work efficient and consumes much less energy than any big heavy-duty machine.