Automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine - impeccable for your work

Thermoforming is a series of processes in heating not just simple plastic but thermoplastic sheets to the point where they get soft or are about to go into softening phase. The thermoplastic sheet is stretched from only one side of the end to mold it and then manipulated.

Once that sheet is cooled down, it can be shaped into anything. The most common methods applied on the sheet for converting it into its final shape are vacuum thermoforming or pressure forming.

Mechanical forming is also one of the ways, but that is obsolete nowadays. Thermoforming has many different ways to be used in various industries.

Overview of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

The machine has a vacuum membrane that is only developed when the stone preheating and shaping of different materials occur. Of course, all these stones are artificial, and such types are Corian, PVC, wood, PVC film, acrylic, veneer, and others.

There are also different acrylic materials, such as thermoplastic, used in shaping and preheating; other than these, there are no such materials and objects that this machine can further process.

As it is a combined variety of solutions, the vacuum press is gently pulled off to work on the specified surface of the heating table. This also includes the constriction manner of the media, functions of the devices, and another manner for proposing a boost in functionality.

It is vastly used to form the structure of kitchen shelves, counters at the bar, window sills, bathrooms, shells, and sinks to give them a sleek 3D or 2D look.

Components of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

Essential parts that this device includes are:



Pop display.

Manual feeding system.

Pressure frame.

Furnace for double heating.


Control panel.

Steel surface table.

Functions of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

There are many functions where this tool can work at its best, but an important one that needs to be highlighted are:

Touch screen

A single touch screen almost controls this machine. Everything needed to be input there, and the readings, the active phase, and the subsequent possible pending work can also be seen there.

Heating section

The material that goes into this device is heated in no ordinary way. But it is divided into different 4 to 5 sections of heating. This includes the heat intensity on that side of the material, which is a stiff or dense arrangement of positions for the material to heat all four sides.

For the duration, the side needs to be heated.

Servo system

The Servo system is one of the most used functions of this equipment as it is engaged in the hydraulic system to overhaul and malfunction before it overrides. It also lets the maintenance in view for the extended life of the machine.

Simple operate

No manual guide or tutorials are needed to operate the machine; all details and know-how are given on that touch screen to let workers or users easily interact with the device.

Workflow of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming

There are a few pieces that are used in the thermoforming process of this equipment. All these pieces came from vacuum rotation. Also, four possible rotary transformers are already installed in this tool, which increases the efficiency of CNC routers.

The surface, however, doesn't increase more than 60" to 120", but this is the suitable degree for heating any thermoplastic figure. Then comes the tooling process, which needs the aluminum molds from a machine provided b those four rotary transformers.

The molds are positive and negative ( positive being called convex and negative as concave ). In the presence of a convex mold, one plastic sheet is placed right on the mold to encounter the incoming inside part of the dimension.

In the concave mold, one sheet is placed on the inside to encounter any incoming outside part of a single dimension.

Classification of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

There are two types:

1. Automatic

Its name very well explains this one. It is operated on its own when interacted with on the touch screen by the worker, fully functional and automatic. It adjusts the degrees, volume, and heating section on its own. The time may vary because it needs to analyze the whole procedure independently.

This machine can also be operated half automatic and half manual by the worker, which sometimes comes in handy.

2. Manually

This machine needs a worker or two to be operated. The degrees of the cylinder, table height, and heating sections need input on the control panel ( touch screen ) to give the green light to the device. It takes a lot of time because everything needs to be filled to commence the machine.

Benefits of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

The benefits of this tool are as under:

High-security system.

High stability.

Low noise.

Less energy consumption.

High rate of volume.

Fully automatic.

Sleek design.

Increase the production rate.

It can take a load of work.

Multi-task on different jobs.

Great efficiency.

Good AI ( artificial intelligence ) for automatic feeding, reading, and working independently.

Types of wood that automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine can process

It can process the following variety of materials:




Stiff wood.


Dense wood.





Methyl methacrylate.

Finished wood effect of automatic Corian vacuum thermoforming machine

After being processed by this machine, the dead wood or plastic effect is superior and high quality. The heating effect is significant because this machine knows how to do it.

Having different type of sections lead the heating effect to very premium quality. The sides, intensity, dense and outer dimensions all is worked out well by this tool.


There are very few industries in the world that are currently in possession of this tremendous and inferior machine, and they are living quite a well-handled business. Others may or may not be aware of this machine or don't know the potential it has.

As we discussed, this device can quickly increase any production rate by a high number; the labor cost will also decrease by almost half, allowing the company or industry to cope in different departments.