Edge Banding Machine – A Perfect Tool for Professional Joiners!


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The wood industry mainly deals with producing durable yet compatible furniture types. These all are done under great consideration. Corners of the wood furniture are mainly reinforced or covered by applying a band of edging tapes.

MFZ609 Auto Edge Banding Machine with Cornor Rounding and Pre-milling

So, you must be confused about the use of edge banding machines. As wood is a sturdy material, it can absorb or emit moisture but can't be changed. So, to improve the structure of the edges, different furniture industries use edge banding machines.

If you are curious about the necessary details of edge banding machines, explore the following guides!

A Short Overview of Edge Banding Machines

Almost every edge banding machine in the wood cutting sector is considered a solution-oriented and tailored invention dedicated to providing industrial ease to the manufacturers.

You can integrate this technology into networked production lines available at highly industrialized furniture manufacturers. It is also known as a stand-alone machine preferably manufactured for advanced craftsmen working in modern industries.

No doubt, the majority of the industries don't consider edge banding as a master of science. But still, comfort and perfection come over anything. Experts have revealed that the integration of edge banding machines is preferred when working in bulk. Besides, it is also used when the manufacturer has to repeat one piece of furniture several times during the edge banding process.

Components of Edge Banding Machine

Some of the important components of edge banding machines that different suppliers provide are:

· Pressure rollers

· Tracking pads

· Buffing wheels

· Edgebander press

· Conveyor Chain Pad

Functions of Edge Banding Machines

Explore some important functions of edge banding machines in the furniture industry in the section below:

· Pre-Milling

The availability of a double cutter in the edge banding machine performs its task of modifying the ripple mark or any burr on the furniture. It can occur due to the wrong use of a cutting board saw. Thus, an important function of edge banding machines is to provide a better edge sealing effect to the product manufactured. Furthermore, it also enables the edge banding plate to fit correctly in the machine.

· Finishing

Here's another function of the edge banding machine. With automatic tracking and a high-frequency speed motor, edge banding machines are famous for ensuring the smoothness of the upper layer of the trimmer plate. The lower layer of the trimmer plate is no exception to it.

In addition, edge banding machines are famous for repairing and processing the surplus edge sealing materials to adjust them above and below the edge banding strip.

· Profiling Tracking

This device moves on the upper and lower part of the furniture to add cutting edge accuracy and finish to the final product.

· Slotting

Another amazing function of the edge banding machine is that it reduces the work for the cutting saw. It does this by directly slotting both the upper and lower plate of the wardrobe.

Workflow of Edge Banding Machine

MFZ602 Edge Banding Machine Auto Type

The workflow of the automatic edge banding machine is related to the feeding mechanism, edge banding conveying and glueing mechanism. Other than this, the workflow also involves a pressing roller, milling device, and sanding mechanism. All you have to do is to adjust the operator. Now feed the workpiece into the machine through a conveyer belt.

After that, the tracking system will automatically track the movement of the workpiece. At the same time, it presses the edge banding strip with the help of pressure rollers. However, the discharge of the finished product. It helps to sand the product for the final finish.

Classification of Edge Banding Machine

No doubt edge banding machine is one of the essential accessories in the woodworking industry. But, it is now available in three different classes. These are:

· Automatic Edge Banding Machine

MFZ613 Automatic Edge Banding Machine

This type of edge banding machine is suitable for banding or trimming the medium density of wood materials. This can include the fiberboard, joinery board, solid wood board, and particleboard. Besides, it is also available with a double-sided glued edge banding mechanism.

· Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machine

MFB320 Semi-auto Edge Banding Machine

It is suitable for edge banding of particleboard and fiberboard only. It offers automatic play for conveying the board, belt feeding and milling and polishing word of the wood.

· Portable Edge Banding Machine

BJF115M Portable Auto Edge Banding Machine

This type of edge banding machine is necessary to process the straight plate line and treat the irregular border of furniture. For its work, it needs the installation of fixed bracket accessories.

· Benefits of Using Edge Banding Machines

Some common benefits of edge banding machines include:

· It helps the manufacturers to produce furniture of varying shapes and sizes

· It plays a leading role in increasing precision and accuracy

· Finishing is one of the demanded benefits of using edge banding machines

· You can clean a polished sheet by using edge banding machines

Types of wood that the edge banding machine can process

After knowing this much about the properties and working mechanism of edge banding machines, you must wonder about the types of wood you can process with it.

It offers great flexibility to the users when it comes to wood types. Some classes of wood that can easily be processed with edge banding machines include:

· Plywood


· Particleboard

· Wood veneer

Besides wood, it also caters for some other materials, including:



· Acrylic

· Melamine

Finished wood effect of edge banding machine

The finished wood effect of edge banding is achieved by covering the exposed sides of the materials. You can cover products made up of plywood, particleboard, or MDF. The basic purpose for adding a cutting-edge finish to the wood processed through an edge banding machine is to increase its durability.

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In addition, it enhances the overall outlook of the solid material, thereby making it suitable and more appealing.


From the above discussion, it is obvious that the use of edge banding machines can't be underestimated. Several manufacturing industries around the globe are using this technology to improve woodworking results. So, make sure to purchase one to add much more to your working efficiency.