Sliding Table Saw


The woodworking industry makes a diverse range of quality products according to the customers' needs. They can face problems in processing capacity and productivity.

The primary cause is the length of extra working time. This additional working time can waste resources and endanger product quality. Avoiding these issues requires selecting suitable accessories for workpiece processing.

Recently, the sliding table saw has been widespread, bringing substantial economic benefits to people.

Here is a detailed overview of the features and benefits of a sliding table saw for you!

Overview of Sliding Table Saw

The sliding table saw is the largest of all table saws. Large panels and sheet goods, such as plywood or MDF, are typically cut with a sliding table saw.

A sliding table saw is typically found in cabinet shops that have a high production rate. It is also sometimes referred to as a panel saw or a European cabinet saw.

The sliding table saw is a modification of the conventional type of cabinet saw. The sliding table saw is the most common form of table saw.

Features of Sliding Table Saw


 Heavy-duty Cast Iron Trunnion

The sliding table saw machine has a high-precision and durable trunnion of cast iron.

A trunnion is equipment that can attach a tool or machine to several objects. The trunnion of the table saw is fastened to the sidewalls of the saw's base.


 Feeding Frame

The sliding table saw has an aluminum feeding frame that can bear a heavy burden.


 Freud Saw Blade

This sliding table saw has a Freud saw blade. Freud saw blade has a long lifespan and a high level of cutting power.

It can cut the following wood materials:






 High-Quality Motor

The sliding table saw has a 5.5 kW, high-quality motor. Aluminum alloy is used to make the motor.

This motor does a superb job of removing heat produced during different materials' processing. Heat dissipation is necessary to maintain the performance of the machine.


 Dust Collector

The sliding table saw is equipped with a dust collector to collect the dust produced during the processing of a wide variety of materials.

Sawdust doesn't get released into the atmosphere due to the dust collector.


 Manual Tilting Saw Blade

The sliding table saw has a manual tilting saw blade. You can control the tilting of the saw blade by shaking the handle.


 Can Process Different Materials

The sliding table saw can process different materials to make various products.

It can process all kinds of:

Density boards

Shaving boards

wood-based panels

ABS panels

PVC panels

Organic glass plates

Solid wood

Others with wood structure 

Advantages of Sliding Table Saw


 Improve Processing Capacity and Production Efficiency

The sliding table saw reduces unnecessary time spent on the job, lowers production costs, and increases profit.

Because of the high processing speed, it has a significant impact on productivity. Additionally, it enhances the final product's quality and accuracy during the manufacturing process.


 Improve Wood Yield

The sliding table saw allows you to process more wood in less time, which means that you will obtain more yield from each log or piece of lumber.

This will save you money and increase your profits by reducing the amount of waste material that goes into landfills every year.


 Improve Product Quality and Processing Precision

The use of sliding table saws will help us improve the quality of our products and make them more precise with fewer waste materials.


 Reduces Labor Costs

Because of the advanced sliding table saw, fewer traditional machines are required. As a result, the amount of money spent on labor and the quantity of space needed for the factory floor is reduced significantly.


 Increase the Product Variety

The sliding table saw machine is versatile enough to cut various products, including several boards of different forms.



A sliding table saw lessens the sawdust produced due to wood cutting and protects against air pollution.

Therefore, it is safe for the operators because they do not have to deal with sawdust problems, which is essential. After all, continuous exposure to sawdust leads to breathing problems.


 High Precision and Durability Trunnion

The trunnion of the machine is made of heavy-duty cast iron, which is precise and durable.


 Process Wide Range of Materials

A sliding table saw can process different kinds of materials:

Density boards

Shaving boards

Wood-based panels

ABS panels

PVC panels

Organic glass plates

Solid wood

Others with wood structure 


 Motor for Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation is required to sustain the machine's performance. The 5.5 kW motor does a great work of dissipating the heat during the processing of various materials to maintain its performance.

Classification of Sliding Saw Table

The common types of table saws include:


 Benchtop Table Saw

The table saws built for use on a workbench or other flat surfaces are Benchtop table saws. These saws are portable and lightweight. Homeowners mostly use this particular saw. Benchtop table saws are the cheapest and least capable.


 Jobsite Table Saw

These table saws are designed for use on job sites. These saws are also generally larger than benchtop table saws. Jobsite table saws are used by:

Workers on job sites




 Contractor Table Saws

Contractor saws are designed for contractors. These saws are often larger, heavier machines mounted to a stand or base and come equipped with wheels. They are also known as open-stand saws.


 Cabinet Table Saws

Cabinet table saws are designed to reduce vibration and improve precision. Therefore, manufacturers make them from solid materials like cast iron and steel.

Having an enclosed base is one of the defining characteristics of a cabinet saw.


The sliding table saw is very convenient, highly efficient, and easy to operate. It can meet the needs of a wide range of processing capacities.

Furthermore, it also can be used for processing various materials and various size boards.

So to sum it up, if you want to get a high-quality, smooth operation, precision machining, low energy consumption, and effective saws, sliding table saws are the most suitable ones for you.