Four-Side Planer Saw Machine


The woodworkers need different types of machines to perform various woodworking tasks. Efficient multifunction equipment will help them make most of the investment and save money.

The four-side planer sawing machine is multipurpose and efficient in reducing manufacturing costs while sustaining the product quality.

It combines the functions of a standard four-side moulder and a slicer into a single machine that works to deliver outstanding results.

Let's explore how this machine could be your best choice to accomplish your jobs accurately.

Short Overview of Four-Side Planer Saw

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This Kingiso four-sided planer can quickly and smoothly convert raw workpieces into excellent boards, making them useful in the joinery and woodworking industries. It has exceptional features and adaptability.

These feed-through machines are equipped with four spindles in a row for planing on all four sides of a workpiece. The feed rollers run alongside the milling spindles and help move the workpieces along the axes of rotation.

The four cutting heads allow the machine to simultaneously plane large sections of rough wood on all four sides.

The core components of this four-side planer saw are:



The industries which make use of four-side planer saws:

Building material shops

Machinery repair shops

Manufacturing plant

Construction works 

Thanks to this machine, there will be a significant increase in output and a decrease in machining time.

Working of Four-Side Planer Saw

A lengthy machine frame supports a tabletop. The in-feed table length is 1970 mm. Spindles are powered by motors integrated into the machine's frame.

Most of the time, four side planers are fitted together with four spindles positioned below, right, left, and above the table.

Spindles equipped with cutter heads move the workpiece by use of teethed wheels.

Features of Four-Side Planer Saw

This computerized machine will serve your business well on any scale because of its reliability and valuable features. Here are some of its beneficial features:



With the development in computer technology, the four-side planer machine has a user-friendly interface.

As a result of the machine's automation, all of its settings can be accessed with the push of a button.


 High-Speed Spindle

The spindle plays a crucial role in the precision of a machine. The spindle is the mechanical component into which a tool is installed. This component gives the tool its motion so that it can do its job. This motion is essential for modifying a workpiece by cutting away or adding material.

This four-side planer consists of high-speed spindles. The spindle speed is 6500 r/min. The spindle diameter is 40 mm.



The four-side planer saw is perfect for cross-cutting. Any cut that is made across the direction of the grain in the wood is referred to as a cross-cut. Cross-cutting can reduce the length of long wooden boards.


 Feeding roller

Rollers used for transporting material are known as feed rollers. They are a part of the feed device used in four-side planers. The feeding roller diameter in this four-side planer is 140 mm. The feeding speed is 6-36 m/min.


 Ripping Saw Function

A rip saw is a type of wood saw made to cut in the same direction as the grain of the wood. A rip-cut is a cut used in woodworking that splits a board in half parallel to the grain.

This four-side planer can work as a ripping saw to make rip cuts.

Advantages of Four-Side Planer Saw


 Easy to Operate

The four-side planer is simple to control and operate because of technological advancements. The operators can manage the machine easily.


 Multifunction Machine

This four-sided planer can be used for multiple purposes. It is handy for various woodworking tasks, including planing, slicing, moulding, and ripping.


 Reduces Machining Time

The amount of time a machine spends processing anything is referred to as its machining time. The four-side planer reduces the machining time.

Reducing the machine time has the following benefits:

Increased reliability and consistency in operations

Reduced production costs and increased profits

Significantly enhances the flexibility to serve the customers’ needs better

Improved human resources utilization 


 Improving Product Output

This machine helps to cut down on machining time without jeopardizing output quality drastically. The decrease in the machine time leads to an increase in the product output.

Classification of Planers


 Open Side Planer

The open side planer consists of a table with only one housing on one side of the table's base. This housing holds a cross rail. The machine can mount three different tool heads at once.

An entire load of this machine rests on a single housing. Thus, it has to be highly sturdy and well-built.

The cross rail, which supports two horizontally and vertically movable tool heads, can glide vertically along the housing's guideways.


 Edge Planer

An edge planer has a very different design from a standard planer. The edges of steel plates can be squared and beveled easily using this tool.

The cutting tool is fastened to a carriage supported on two horizontal ways located on the planer's front end.


 Pit Planer

The pit planer has a large structure. The table is fixed and situated in a pit.

The planer's loading table is level with the ground for effortless transport of heavy materials.

The cut is made by repositioning two tool heads mounted on the cross rail in a horizontal and vertical direction.


 Double Column Planer

Tungsten carbide or high-speed steel tools can provide a smooth finish. They feature a cross-rail supported by two vertical columns. Both the cross-rail and the columns serve as mounting points for the tool slides used for the side cutting.


The four-side planer sawing machine is a multi-function tool that combines the functions of a standard 4-side moulder and a slicer into a single piece of equipment.

This machine decreases the machine time while significantly increasing production quality. The four-side planer is specialized equipment designed for cross-cutting and slicing.

In conclusion, the four-side planer saw will be an asset to any woodworking business. Its innovative design and new features make it easy to use and give quick, clean, and accurate results on many projects.