Automatic Edge Sanding Machine

Woodworkers cannot make high-quality products having a fine finish without sanding. Manual sanding is a challenging, laborious, and time-consuming procedure. The woodworking industry uses an automatic edge sanding machine to buff planar and linear special-shaped edge milling.

Automatic edge sanding equipment results are typically smoother and more precise than manual sanding.

These machines have a PLC control panel making their operation easy and increasing efficiency.

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Short Overview of Automatic Edge Sanding Machine

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An edge sander is an electric equipment that flattens the surface of the wood and other materials. The edge floor sander offers a substantial amount of power.

Woodworkers use an automatic edge sanding machine to smoothen and level the corners and edges of the boards. It is capable of sanding a variety of materials, including wood, composites, and plastics.

It is necessary to employ edging sanders to smooth the floor edges and stairs, as the drum sander cannot access those areas.

An edge sanding machine often has a fixed position. It consists of a long, flat platen positioned behind a horizontal belt-sanding surface. It is a big and cumbersome machine. However, a single person can efficiently operate this machine.

The core components of this automatic edge machine are:



The industries where this edge sander is widely used are:

Building material shops

Machinery repair shops

Manufacturing plants

Construction works 

Features of Automatic Edge Sanding Machine

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1. Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation

The machine uses frequency conversion speed regulation to control the speed of the sand belt. This feature makes it the ideal equipment for sanding the edges of different wood products.

2. Seamless Wide Belt Pressure Beam

A pressure beam or bar transfers pressure from the sander to the workpiece during the sanding process. This machine is equipped with a 56 MM seamless wide belt pressure beam.

The wide belt pressure beam results in a consistent pressure that does not cause any damage to the workpiece. The pressure module ejection pressure is 0.2 to 0.3Mps.

3. Adjustable Triangle Sander

The triangular sander in this machine is adjustable. It has a range of adjustments from -45 degrees to +90 degrees. This adjustable triangle sander is intended for sanding straight-line edges at a particular angle.

4. Vibration and Feed Compensation Device

This edge sanding machine has a triangle sander with a vibration device and a wheel sander with a feed compensation device. These devices assure an even and uniform processing surface.

5. Program Control for Triangle Sander Pressure Module

You do not have to manually change the triangle sander's pressure module because the machine's software automatically controls it. The program control significantly enhances the efficiency of using the machine.

6. PLC Control System

The PLC’s control system ensures efficient, steady operations, giving reliable, high-quality output.

It will assist you in getting the most out of your investment while simultaneously improving the overall quality of your products.

7. Feeding System

The automatic edge sander has a feeding system with a strong feeding ability. The feeding speed is 4.5 to 22 m/min. The feeding motor power is 2.2 kW. The feeding motor rotational speed is 1430r/min.

8. Overall Size

The overall size of the edge sander machine is 5400mmX 1100mmX 1500 mm. Its net weight is 3000 kg. The working voltage of this edge sander is 380 V.

Advantages of Automatic Edge Sanding Machine

1. Sands Different Wood Products

This automatic edge sanding machine is perfect for sanding the edges of many types of wood. It is possible because the sand belt's speed is regulated by the machine using frequency conversion technology.

2. No Workpiece Damage

The pressure beam of the edge sander applies consistent pressure on the workpiece. The steady pressure does not adversely impact the workpiece.

3. Straight-line Edge Sanding

This edge sanding machine can do straight-line edge sanding because of the adjustable triangular sander. The adjustment angle ranges from -45 degrees to +90 degrees.

4. Uniform Processing Surface

This edge sander is equipped with a vibrational triangle sander and a feed-compensating wheel sander. The use of these devices guarantees a consistent and reliable processing surface.

5. Easy to Operate

The automatic edge sanding machine is simple to operate thanks to developments in computer technology for numerical control.

Because it is fully automated, the user can access the machine's settings anytime.

6. Fast Execution Time

The programmatic logic controller-based edge sanding machines have far shorter execution times and higher overall efficiency.

7. Strong Feeding Ability

The automatic edge sander features an efficient and solid feeding system to feed the raw material into the edge sander.

8. Less Human Intervention

The functions of the machine are controlled by numerical control computer technology. The process is considerably simplified, and significantly less physical labor is needed to complete it.

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Classification of Sanding Machines

1. Disc Sanders

The disc sanders are highly flexible and can be used for many tasks. They also have the benefit of being lightweight and portable. They are also quite simple to operate.

2. Drum Sanders

The drum sander is an incredibly robust and big machine. Its primary function is to remove paint and glue.

3. Orbital Sander

The orbital sander is perfect for quick fixes. It is also known as a circular sander. It has a small size. The tool is not suitable for strenuous jobs.

4. File Sander

A file sander is ideal for projects requiring great care and attention to detail. As a result of their compact size, they can be employed in areas with extremely little floor space.


In conclusion, the automatic edge sanding machine is also highly significant for polishing woodworking. It works well as an edge milling tool. There are several applications for the edge sanding machine.

It provides an attractive finish for any goods. This machine is a considerable money-saver in terms of labor costs as only one person can easily use it.

An automatic edge sanding machine is essential for satisfying the customers. Therefore, it is recommended that your company invest in an automatic edge sanding machine for your business.