Wooden Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine

Wood pallets help transport different goods because they prevent them from potential marring and damage. Wood pallets are used in numerous crafts. They are also beneficial in giving a fine finish to wooden furniture.

An efficient pallet nailing machine helps the woodworkers to produce wood pallets in less time. It replaces the traditional equipment because of the PLC control and high accuracy.

Here are some notable features and advantages of our wooden automatic pallet nailing machine:

Short Overview of Wooden Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine

The automatic pallet machine is more advanced than the traditional pallet nailing machine. It features a PLC control panel, which is why it is automated.

The automatic wooden pallet nailing machine is widely used in manufacturing American, European, and customized pallets. The pallet nailing machine is ideal for nailing and stacking wooden pallets automatically.

It is also known as:

Pallet machine

Pallet nailing machine 

The pallet-making machine has several types depending on the raw materials.

It includes a plastic-pallet-making machine, a metal pallet-making machine, and so on.

The core components of this automatic pallet machine are:



The wood pallet plants mostly use this machine.

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Features of Wooden Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine

1. Touch Screen Control

The touchscreen control can turn anyone into a tech pro in no time. It is easy to learn for even the most tech-phobic users. The modification of the functions can accommodate the operator's needs. It makes the equipment easier to handle and operate for the operator.

2. Different Working Modes

Our wooden pallet nailing machine has three different working modes:

Artificial feeding

Auto Nailing

Auto stacking 

3. Produces Various Types of Pallets

The auto pallet nailing machine can make:

American standard pallets

European standard pallets

Customized pallets according to the customer's specifications 

4. Auto Stacking

The automatic pallet nailing machine has an auto stacking operation mode. The pallet nailing machine processes the wood. After nailing, the wooden pallets are moved to the stacking platform.

5. Nail Gun

The automatic pallet nailing machine consists of a nail gun. A nail gun is a particular type of hammer that assists in putting nails into wood and other raw materials. The typical power source is compressed air.

The nail gun speed is 7 times/second.

6. High-Power Servo Motor

The automatic pallet nailing machine has a high-power servo motor. A servo motor rotates machine parts efficiently and precisely. Servo motors are ideal for precise motor speed, position, and torque control. The power of the servo motor is 1.5 kW.

7. Consistent Working Size

The incredibly precise nature of the mechanical operation guarantees a constant working size.

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Advantages of Wooden Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine

1. Easy to Operate

With its PLC control panel, this wooden pallet nailing machine is automatic. The pallet nailing machine is very easy to use because it has an automatic control system.

The functions are customizable per the requirements of the operator. It facilitates the operator's control and operation of the machine.

2. Saves Labor Costs

The PLC control system simplifies and automates the machine's functioning. The equipment is easier to operate and manage—the automation of the pallet nailing machine results in savings in the cost of labor.

3. High Accuracy

Greater precision and flawlessness are possible thanks to the automatic horizontal band saw machine. The high accuracy is because codes and software are responsible for controlling the entire process.

4. High Processing Capacity

The capacity of the new pallet nailing machine is significantly more than that of a traditional pallet nailing machine.

The processing capacity of this automatic pallet nailing machine is 2 pallets/3 minutes.

5. Saves Time

The auto stacking system will automatically collect and transport wood pallets.

It lessens the need for human effort and streamlines the working process.

6. High Efficiency

The operator controls the automatic pallet nailing machine with the help of the PLC control system. The use of PLC significantly improves both efficiency and accuracy of the equipment.

7. Customized Pallets

Our automatic pallet nailing machine can make customized wood pallets to cater to customers' needs.

8. Economical

This automatic pallet nailing machine is affordable, providing high efficiency and processing capacity.

9. No Special Training Required

The PLC programming language is easy to learn and apply. You can change the program quickly at any time. There is no need to give any special training to the operators.

10. Reduces the Risk of Personal Injury

The PLC pane reduces the need for human intervention. So, the machine operators are safe from injuries. They only need to monitor the operation of the software programs.

11. Simple Touch Screen Control

The touchscreen makes anyone a tech guru; even technophobes can learn it. The operator can modify the functions. It is easier to operate and handle.

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Our automatic pallet nailing machine takes advantage of modern technology. It features a PLC control panel which makes its operation simple. It has three modes of operation. Moreover, it can produce different planet types according to consumer requirements.

Kingiso automatic pallet nailing machine is superior to the traditional ones and has a high processing capacity. In short, our automatic pallet nailing machine is worth buying because of its automation and cost-effectiveness.